Description and features

Under construction

Features of this child theme named twentyfourteen-xili:

  • Primary menu is clonable – one per each language – (option),
  • Widget sidebars are clonable (option),
  • Language link style: with or without flags,
  • Option to add link towards other translation in meta under title,
  • Search form with sub-selection in one language,
  • Selection of Header Image according current language as visible here with a tiny banner,
  • Copy postformat when creating a translated post,
  • Copy template when generating a translated page…

This child theme as example for developers

  • All admin features grouped in a class (and a file).
  • Customizing and live results in preview,
  • Example: how to propagate attributes during translation creation.

Uses new features of xili-language 2.9.22+

  • New way – via Menus builder – to choose insertion point of languages list inside navigation menu [see wiki]
  • Find .mo files of official theme (2013 and previous 2012,…) at automattic svn and GlotPress [see wiki]
  • Best title in href language list
  • New filter – xl_propagate_post_attributes – to personalize post’s attributes propagation (and custom taxonomies) during translation generation of linked posts