xili-dictionary version 2.9 shipped: the path to maturity !

Step by step, xili-dictionary (> 5 years old) reaches maturity. It is possible to manage language files (.po, .pot and .mo) for current theme and plugins.
While using the available items (hook, api, UI items…) in the WP toolbox (and libraries), it is now possible to scan directly the sources of the current theme or a selected plugin. Found translatable items in sources are imported inside the dictionary (with informations and comments given by sources author).

poEdit is a powerful desktop tool for developers. Here, it is possible to work online. On the same screen, it is possible to see the original source text (msgid) and the translations both in multiple languages.
Two ways to see (and select, search or sort) the content of dictionary: a table like WP posts list and a interactive jQuery powered table.

More infos soon…

If you like this plugin, which we are offering for free by the way, we kindly ask you to contribute and make our FAQ and documentation better. Please support us and participate by translating, writing (or improving) blog posts, help and FAQ articles. If you are interested please get in contact with by  using our contact page.


A new plugin to manage attachment and media: xili re/un-attach media

A new plugin  to manage attachment and media files called xili-re-un-attach-media which adds the actions Unattach and Reattach at the Media Library Table list to manage attachments in the File column just after View action.
This plugin is only active in admin (dashboard) side.

Link to [Github by dev.xiligroup].

Here is a zip xili-re-un-attach-media containing the plugin for testing. Please read carefully the readme.txt …

xili-re-un-attach-media is now in WP plugin repository.

xili-language version 2.14 shipped !

Step by step improvements are taking place:

xili-language version 2.14 provides:

  1. a new shortcode being able to display parts of content according to the current language,
  2. three new rules to manage translations of terms in 3rd party plugins that are translation ready (can be found at the 3rd tab – settings for expert),
  3. a better management of the custom post type (CPT) and custom taxonomy (CT) – xili-language is closer getting ready to support a multilingual shop system with woo commerce,
  4. at the Posts Edit list – category names are now additionally displayed with a translation according to the current language of the admin dashboard…

Soon more infos in “How to” part…

What new in xili-language 2.13.2 and xili-dictionary 2.7.2 ?

Step by step, updating continues…
Increment of third digit indicates minor fixes, improvements in sources and texts.

XILI-LANGUAGE translation box
XILI-LANGUAGE translation box

Side xili-language (2.13.2) :
– fixes settings for new CPT, (warning in debug mode) if CPT multilingual mode was set in 2.12, refresh the settings
– better selector (msgid for XD), XD again in bar admin,
– widget language file merged in main file of plugin.

dictionary msg list
dictionary msg list

Side xili-dictionary (2.7.2) :
– disable media button,
– subtitle of msg,
– formatted title (based on id with 7 digits)