xili-language v. 2.15: the easy way to manage flags for language selection!

This week, xili-language version 2.15 will be shipped with important new features for webmasters and theme developers.

Even if flags in language selection lists have limits (*) xili-language v. 2.15, will support flags, up to now it was necessary to use CSS to replace the name of a language with a flag image.

(*) same languages are spoken in multiple countries!

Some examples have been delivered in the 5 bundled multilingual child themes already like twenty fourteen xili which is in use here  live. A newer version of each child theme will be shipped and incorporate the recent new features introduced by xili-language 2.15.

With tools provided by the WordPress Core and those xili-language plugin introduces:

  • there is now an easy way to assign an image added to the media library as a flag,
  • a way to assign this flag to a language,
  • a new interface at the Appearance menu to adjust some parameters,
  • and an automatic process to generate style lines for the webpage header.

Developers will find:

  • a new add_theme_support() named ‘custom_xili_flag’,
  • new filters to set their custom themes,
  • new shortcodea to use flag images uploaded in library by the webmasters.

Some screenshots: Below, taken from the media list, a picture that is assigned as a flag (the second is assigned as header image)

flag example
flag example

The screenshot below shows the main option (flag or language name), a list of available flags uploaded to the media library and some very technical lines reserved for skilled and motivated users. For the five bundled themes, these values are provided as template style:

xili-language flag settings
xili-language flag settings


  • choice of flags are free, no need to define a name or a type…
  • the plugin chooses the good picture uploaded and assigned to a language from the media library.
  • using filters, theme developers can deliver default values and settings.


  • even more lines of code!