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xili-language version 2.17.x for newest WordPress 4.2

The WordPress Core team says : We’ve pushed the scheduled release (WP 4.2) date by a day due to the 4.1.2 security release that went out on Tuesday morning.

xili-language version 2.17.x is shipped with some improvements:

  • possible to choose active widgets (5th tab in settings) like the newest xili-category,
  • better compatibility with plugin WP JSON REST API v. 1.2.1 currently in dev.
  • (security) fixes…

Soon WP 4.2 : Maintenance update of trilogy xili-language !

WordPress 4.2-beta2 is shipped since few days. The three plugins of the xili-language trilogy must be tested. Some improvements are added. More details in each repository (“Changelog” tab).

  • xili-language : version 2.16.4
    – custom_xili_flag for admin side (admin side flag are uploadable – no need to take attention to name or type (.png, .jpg, gif)
    – custom_xili_flag (frontend): if not ready or declared in customised theme, search in subfolder theme/images/flags (only .png)
    – better selection of active widgets (new Categories widget with good counting if language selection must be enabled in 5th tab)
  • xili-tidy-tags : version 1.10.2 (Updated datatables js & css)
  • xili-dictionary : version 2.10.3 (Updated datatables js css – used in interactive table of tools)
    – can import msgid of get_the_archive_title (introduced in WP 4.1)
    – improves adding context only after draft state
    – now able to use flags available in Medias Library (if xili-language is active)

Notes: images set as flag can be png et jpg and also gif – not necessary to also format the name of the file !

As usual, contributors are welcome to improve documentations and more…

xili-language version 2.16.3 : maintenance and ready for 2.17

Some fixes of Warning or Notice in rare situations.
A new Widget category class (with new Walker) for adapted numbering according current language. This new Widget must be registered by webmaster in his theme via few line of code. Because it is a new widget named ©xili Widget, you must set it via the Appearance/Widgets settings page (and remove default Categories widget) 😉

Widget “Archives” is improved (through filtering) to display only months with posts of target/displayed languages. It is recommended to reset cache by adding a post.

Maintenance update of xili-language trilogy !

Last days, the three plugins of xili-language trilogy were updated

  • xili-language : version 2.16.2 (fixes a warning if Categories Widget uses “Dropdown” mode)
  • xili-tidy-tags : version 1.10.1 (sources code rewritting running)
  • xili-dictionary : version 2.10.1 (add features to manage plugin files from folder WP_LANG_DIR – wp-content/languages)

New presentation of stats in WP plugins repository as well described here in article of Brian. Be aware of some issues in “Active Versions”. A new ticket was just open as #912 in tracs ! and close in 24 hours 😉 Sorting is now good!

Thanks to contributors of the week : Emmanuel, Gabriel,…

xtt Active Versions
xtt Active Versions

xili-language 2.15.2 : shipped for WP 4.0

xili-language version 2.15.2 is a technical updating for WordPress 4.0 (remains compatible with previous version) (constant WPLANG is now obsolete).

This site itself was used also as test before and after 4.0 update.
Another tests were done on empty websites and with importing of xml file from other multilingual sites powered by xili-language.
Soon a post with a step by step process to export / import xml datas that need some “attention” !
Thanks for your return !

xili-language v. 2.15.1: flag features improved for theme’s developer

xili-language v. 2.15.0 introduced function add_theme_support ( 'custom_xili_flag') to permit flag features inside Media Library.
By adding a parameter array ($args), xili-language v. 2.15.1 introduces a way to register default flags coming from a sub-folder of the theme’s folder. An easy way to provide adapted flags to the webmaster in conformity with the design and look of the theme. No need to upload these preset images.

Example of code to put inside a function call by an add_action ‘after_setup_theme‘ (priority set to 12)

%2$s is used in ‘path’ because the flags are inside the child theme in this example. Here, it is supposed that all the pictures are present.

To deliver examples of loop, twenty fourteen-xili theme is managed inside xili-language plugin itself using available language list and testing if picture exists. And latest version of twenty thirteen-xili, will include another way.

xili-language v. 2.15: the easy way to manage flags for language selection!

This week, xili-language version 2.15 will be shipped with important new features for webmasters and theme developers.

Even if flags in language selection lists have limits (*) xili-language v. 2.15, will support flags, up to now it was necessary to use CSS to replace the name of a language with a flag image.

(*) same languages are spoken in multiple countries!

Some examples have been delivered in the 5 bundled multilingual child themes already like twenty fourteen xili which is in use here  live. A newer version of each child theme will be shipped and incorporate the recent new features introduced by xili-language 2.15.

With tools provided by the WordPress Core and those xili-language plugin introduces:

  • there is now an easy way to assign an image added to the media library as a flag,
  • a way to assign this flag to a language,
  • a new interface at the Appearance menu to adjust some parameters,
  • and an automatic process to generate style lines for the webpage header.

Developers will find:

  • a new add_theme_support() named ‘custom_xili_flag’,
  • new filters to set their custom themes,
  • new shortcodea to use flag images uploaded in library by the webmasters.

Some screenshots: Below, taken from the media list, a picture that is assigned as a flag (the second is assigned as header image)

flag example
flag example

The screenshot below shows the main option (flag or language name), a list of available flags uploaded to the media library and some very technical lines reserved for skilled and motivated users. For the five bundled themes, these values are provided as template style:

xili-language flag settings
xili-language flag settings


  • choice of flags are free, no need to define a name or a type…
  • the plugin chooses the good picture uploaded and assigned to a language from the media library.
  • using filters, theme developers can deliver default values and settings.


  • even more lines of code!