WP 4.3 and xili-language 2.19.3+

The release of WordPress 4.3 Billie is shipped imminent (version RC2 today). Xili-language (version 2.19.3+), based from the outset on taxonomy “language” and language of file selection (.mo) continues to be consistent to manage a multilingual site.
This compatibility is confirmed after bbPress for extensions like famous WooCommerce : with some settings and a few small kit of filters, creating a multilingual shop is possible and the buyer will the shop, his cart and his checkout in the chosen language…
WordPress 4.3 introduced the ability to create and adjust menus in the customizer with controversial ergonomics based on javascript. For now, lack of filter (hook) effective and available, Xili-language does not take into account these features. So for menus with insertion points of other menus selector, keep using the “Appearance/Menus” page which is more readable.
The 2.19.3 release adds enhancements for managing less common languages such as those with three (arq) or six characters (haw_US) of ISO name.
The child theme twentyfifteen-Xili contains sample additional text field (copyright) adjustable in the customizer (theme_mod function).
To be continued with 2.20…